Attraction In Dharamshala

Bhagsu Temple

Bhagsu nag Temple is one of the popular ancient temples, which is located at about 3 km east of the main city of McLeodganj and around 11 km from Dharamshala. It is surrounded by the famous Bhagsu Falls and is considered to be a popular place of Hindu pilgrimage. An annual fair is conducted in the month of September at this temple which attracts tourist from across the globe.

Located in the serene town of Dharamshala, Bhagsunag Temple is believed to be an ancient temple where Lord Shiva had prevailed himself. Hence, this sacred temple is a much-worshipped place among the Hindu pilgrims for its exciting history and sacredness. Thus, be in a Hindu or a tourist of any other religion, the Bhagsu Nag Temple is a must visit for all.